You are more creative and thoughtful than you realize

Why you should journal your dreams.


Alyssa McConkey

Bridging night and day.

Katie Ticas, Guest Writer

I’m a proponent of writing down every little thing from poetry, journaling, 3 a.m. thoughts, or the synopsis of a really spontaneous novel idea. One thing I have found to be particularly impactful to write down is what I dream.

One particularly boring homework-filled night a few weeks ago, my roommate and I were cleaning up when she found a box packed with old journals. On one page, she read aloud a really wild dream that was so funny we couldn’t stop laughing. 

“Wow!” she said once finished reading. “I can’t believe my mind made up that entire story, and how funny is it that I remembered it all and immediately had to write it down when I woke up?” 

I agreed that it was odd, but also pretty cool that she had recounted her entire dream in such vivid detail. I was glad she wrote down her dream because it gave us a good laugh on an otherwise boring Sunday evening. 

Keeping a dream journal allows you to look back and laugh at the wild musings of your subconscious, or to simply reflect on the time of life you’re in. Being able to look back and laugh, especially when you feel stuck in low moments, is crucial. Reality lets us down a lot, but the creativity of dreams has little-to-no limits. Embracing the wild nature of our dreams allows us to lighten up. 

You can connect your dreams to reality by exploring how your mind processes the ideas of your subconscious, which can bring understanding and healing to your life. I believe our dreams can truly reflect how we are feeling about real life. The Holy Spirit works in many ways to reveal and convict, and dreams could be one of the ways He teaches us about Him and about ourselves. Sometimes, we don’t know what to make of all the events in our life and sleeping, resting and dreaming are ways we can gain clarity and peace. It is important to listen and carefully reflect on the dreams we have. 

Recording your dreams also stimulates your creativity and makes you aware of how creative you really are. Some of my friends tend to categorize themselves as either creative or more centered and straightforward. I think it is divisive and inaccurate to portray ourselves as having one dominant trait. As humans made in God’s image, we are all creative in very different ways.

Many times, I have found that my dreams reveal something about me I otherwise wouldn’t think about during the day. Some of my greatest ideas come to me through my dreams. When I write them down, I can bring them to life and reshape them into a vivid story. I think of my dreams like gifts, wrapped up in the insecurity and fears of my conscious day-to-day life. At night, I get to open them, and writing them down makes them feel that much more special. 

Writing — or simply remembering — your dreams can make for interesting, life-giving conversations. Stories, no matter how realistic or imaginary, joyful or melancholy, bring people together and ignite conversation and reflection. Sometimes casual conversations in the DC along the lines of “How was your day?” or “How was your class?” can easily become mundane and lead to complaints and frustrations.

While it is important to find joy and purpose in our seemingly “boring” everyday lives, we can easily forget how vivid and imaginative life is — we can envision this reality through stories, art and dreams.

Inviting the imaginary aspects of our lives, such as our dreams, into everyday interactions can make life much more exciting and fruitful. 


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