Crow column: Crows’ Christmas caroling concert


Lillian Robinson

Crows snuggled up for their Christmas Concert

Katie Sherwood, Capstone Editor

Are you ready to start the Christmas season, now that it’s the last day of November? Have you been in the Christmas spirit for the past eight months? Are you a grouch who cannot handle any sounds of jingle bells before December 24?

No matter your state, make sure to come out and support our local crow choir in their annual A Cappella Christmas Caroling Concert. This weekend, gather in the parking lot behind the Granada Theatre either on Saturday at seven p.m. or Sunday at three p.m. The Crow Choral A Capella group will be performing all the latest Crow Christmas hits. The week after the festival, the Crows will carol around campus to spread even more Christmas cheer.

Among the lengthy list of carols, the Crows will perform: “Carol of the Caws,” “Cawdolph the Red-Beaked Crow,” “We Wish You a Shiny Christmas,” “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Crow Feast,” “The 12 Days of DC Dumpster Diving” and “Hopping Around the Christmas Tree.” 

Every year, the Crow choir’s annual A Cappella Christmas Caroling Concert is a major hit among students! Fourth-year student Edgar Allen Crow expressed his excitement, “It’s the highlight of my year! I was so sad it was canceled last year, but now it’s back. After the concert, my friends and I can’t stop singing the songs around the Kerrwood gardens!”

Not everyone is looking forward to this event, however, as a close neighbor from up the hill, Ebenezer Crowge, always submits a formal complaint whenever this season comes around. When we reached out for a comment, he said, “Those crows always disturb this peaceful Montecito neighborhood with that awful Christmas music! Make them stop!”

Campus security has assured the Capstone staff that students have nothing to worry about. Though Crowge tries to sabotage the concert in one way or another every year, his efforts are always in vain. It seems like each year, the wondrous magic of Christmas steps in to restore things to what they should be, just in time for the A Cappella Christmas Caroling Concert.

This weekend, assuming Christmas is not stolen away by the strangely outfitted Crinch or interrupted by the grumbling of Crowge, head down to the Granada Theatre to enjoy the Christmas festivities!

Throughout the week, be on the lookout for your friendly neighborhood caroling murder!

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