Marc Broussard: musician, father & philanthropist

Kat Smith, Staff Writer

Marc Broussard brought his bayou soul to the Lobero Theatre on Tuesday, Dec. 7, for his first Santa Barbara show since the beginning of the pandemic. The Horizon spoke with Broussard on his musical inspirations and plans.

Broussard’s unique sound draws elements from many genres: “My upbringing in Louisiana has had such a big impact. The place is so culturally rich that it’s nearly impossible to grow up there and not be infused with elements of that culture,” Broussard said. Broussard’s sound also contains fingerprints of his musical inspirations, such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding and James Taylor.

Broussard’s family also inspires his music; he sometimes sings of his four kids and Sonya Broussard, his high school sweetheart and wife of 24 years. “Gavin’s song,” one of Broussard’s top tracks, speaks of the pain of being away from family while touring and the hopes Broussard has for his oldest son.

The singer’s father Ted Broussard also influences his music. Broussard humbly refers to his dad as a “weekend warrior” who played gigs on weekends for additional income. Ted Broussard was a Louisiana Hall of Fame guitarist and included Broussard in some of his live shows growing up, which is where Marc found his love of performing. 

Balancing these two loves is not easy, however. Broussard said he lives by the rule, “Don’t be afraid of going into debt to fly home.” 

I could see Marc’s down-to-earth soul and love for his family in my interview, so it only made sense that he released an album entitled “Lullaby,” which he released in conjunction with a children’s book he wrote in 2019. The works were inspired by his love for children, desire for philanthropic work and, of course, Kenny Loggins’ 1998 album of lullabies, “Return to Pooh Corner.” 

“I love children, I really do. If I wasn’t in music I would probably try to start some sort of youth mentorship program,” Broussard said. A portion of the proceeds from “Lullaby” were donated to a children’s hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Broussard has been involved with philanthropic work before, and “in between original album cycles, [he makes] cover albums to raise money for charities.” Broussard’s heart is evident in both his soulful lyrics and outward activism.

His impressive volume of music continues to expand through a new partnership with FanCircles, a creator platform where Broussard will release two new songs every month to subscribers only. “I’m very anxious to see how it all pans out,” Broussard admitted. “The goal is to give people something for every mood, so I haven’t really pigeonholed myself into any one style.”

Broussard’s live shows are nothing short of fun. “I want people to take away a good time. I want them to dance, I want them to sing, I don’t like when they cry but sometimes they cry. I want them to have a really really good time and on a Wednesday night I want them to feel like it’s a Saturday night.”

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