Five outfits for the Yeehaw Silent Disco dance

Emily Wheeler, Staff Writer

I definitely reread the poster a few times to understand exactly what is going down on Feb. 25. My mind was stuck on the words cowgirl, silent disco and museum. After a trip to my RA’s room, I understood that the cowgirl-themed silent disco was a dance for sophomores and students living on upper campus. The most exciting part? The outfits, of course! A cowgirl disco sounds confusing, so I decided to list a few outfit ideas to help!

1. Bell-sleeve dress

Something about disco and cowgirl really made me think of a bell-sleeve dress with white go-go boots. Bell-sleeves actually started to make their way into western fashion in the Medieval Era. These fun, loose dresses are perfect for jumping and dancing, and go-go boots are basically disco cowgirl boots.

2. Bell bottoms

When I first thought of outfit ideas, my mind went right to big bell bottoms, cowgirl boots and a crop top in either flannel or animal print. Nothing says cowgirl like high-waisted blue jeans! 

3. Flannel

Flannel is usually everyone’s first thought when they hear “cowgirl,” but how to make flannel cute? Try cropping your flannel, tying it in the front, or even pairing an oversized flannel with a belt.

4. Silver

Two words: space cowboy. Allow me to explain. Try shiny silver shorts, a hat or even an iridescent shirt. I say the sparklier the accessories, the better.

5. Cowgirl hat and boots

I saved the most classic for last. If the theme is cowgirl, a cowgirl hat is a must! Although I might take mine off the minute I get there … but I’m wearing my cowgirl boots the whole night! 

Don’t worry about finding the perfect dress or matching with anyone else at the disco, just dress like yourself! Well … a cowgirl/space-themed version of yourself. I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!

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