Spring Sing news slaps to the front page


Creed Bauman, The Horizon

In a shocking turn of events, Scott Lisea knows how to throw a good smackin’.

Joey Veurink, Capstone Writer

The Spring Sing event was a massive success. The crowd was wild and the acts were stellar. The Men in Short Shorts act gained a particularly large cult following and has recently been nominated for a Tony award.

We got to see the top notch acting and singing from a new crop of Westmont students, including the magical adventures of Page Hall. The GLC won the entire show and the $1 million prize, like all the real award shows give out.

Yet, no one is paying attention to any of these monumental moments from the show. One unfortunate incident has overshadowed the entire event. If you haven’t heard of the controversy yet, let the Capstone be the first to fill you in.

During a break between acts, one of the hosts, Jason Tavarez made an unfortunate joke, which went as follows, “I know a lot of the male students are participating in Spring Sing to impress women … I guess Henri isn’t the only dirty dog on campus!” The crowd roared at Tavarez’s joke and to most people, it wasn’t worth batting an eye to. However, as the crowd laughed, they didn’t notice Scott Lisea marching up the stage steps. Jason told us he was expecting Scott to come up and give him a hug or possibly make a witty remark in response to his joke about Henri. Instead, when Scott reached Jason, he slapped him right across the face.

The majority of audience members interviewed after the event thought it was a joke, but many of those who were closest to the action on stage shared that it seemed like Scott was genuinely upset.

We reached out to both Jason and Scott, however both of them declined to comment further. Fortunately, the president of Westmont College, Gayle Beebe, had quite a bit to say on the issue: “This is a travesty at the highest level. I have never been more upset in my entire life. I know Henri personally, and I know he would not have wanted Scott to act in that way. Henri is a peaceful dog who would have taken that joke in stride.”

​The entire Westmont school board, who was at the event, called for an emergency meeting in order to develop a plan to move forward instead of attending the annual Spring Sing, Trustees-only afterparty held at the Rosewood Miramar.

At the end of their discussion, the team came to a set of terms they felt were fair. When the Capstone asked about their decision, their representative gave this answer: “We believe it is only fair to Jason Tavarez that he receives an apology from Mr. Lisea. Additionally, we find it fair that Mr. Tavarez should receive somewhere close to the amount of 10,000,000 US dollars.” Obviously Mr. Lisea cannot pay for the damages himself, so in order to cover the costs, Mr. Lisea is required to perform chapel worship exclusively by himself in order to save the school the equivalent amount of money.

​While the Men in Short Shorts has advanced to the national stage, their success has been overshadowed by this outburst of passion. The Westmont board has tried to flip the script by saying, “All media is good media.” However, many Westmont students, namely the men in Men in Short Shorts, are already protesting the lack of publicity.

Keep an eye on the Capstone and trust us to deliver the most relevant news following this very controversial issue.

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