Lent Give up Giveaway Results


Ella Jennings, The Horizon

Feed your brain with God and avoiding DC fish!

Joey Veurink, Capstone Writer

The following article is an interview between Capstone writer Joey Veurink and the winner of the newly created “Westmont Lent Give Up Giveaway!” The giveaway was created in hopes that students would learn to better prioritize their faith and schoolwork above health or fun. This student is an excellent example of this mindset!

JV: First things first, I would like to congratulate you on the big win! How does it feel to be the first Give Up Giveaway winner?

Student: The feeling is indescribable! However, to be completely honest, I’m not surprised that I won.

JV: Why is that?

Student: Well … I was really inspired by my mentor Joel Osteen. I believe that giving up things for a short period of time earns you physical, monetary rewards, just like Joel’s two mansions that he owns!

JV: I see … Moving forward. The Westmont student body, especially those involved in the competition, are dying to know: what did you give up in order to win this extravagant prize?

Student: Well, the first thing I gave up was skipping chapels.

JV: How many skips did you have left?

Student: I used all 12 by the start of Lent.

JV: So, you would have gotten in trouble if you continued anyway. Please carry on.

Student: Yeah, so skipping chapels was the first thing I gave up. I also decided to give up reading assigned textbooks for class. Though, I quickly discovered it was a very common thing to give up for Lent.

JV: I mean, I gave that up.

Student: Exactly, so I don’t think it moved the needle that much in regards to my victory.

JV: What else did you give up?

Student: I know it’s a little cliché, but I also gave up fish.

JV: I have a follow up question on that one: Did you eat anywhere other than the DC during lent?

Student: No.

JV: Ok, so, again, giving up fish isn’t that impressive since no one eats the DC fish. There’s got to be something you gave up that really made you stand out from everyone else!

Student: The last thing I gave up was avoiding assertiveness in any form towards someone of the opposite sex.

JV: Impressive! I haven’t met anyone at Westmont who could do so. Care to elaborate on the experience?

Student: Sure, I knew I needed to do something big in order to win the prize. So, I thought to myself, “What if I gave up the assumption that the person I’m interested in knows exactly what I’m thinking and feeling at all times?”

JV: That must’ve been extremely hard to overcome. How did it affect you?

Student: It was difficult at first, but after doing some 5 a.m. yoga to calm my mind and train my body to not run away in fear, I realized that I never regretted telling someone how I felt, and it was super rewarding!

JV: That’s excellent, I’m glad you were able to learn something about yourself, and I hope you  can carry that skill through the rest of your life.

Student: My life? Oh, no. Lent’s over. I’m back to being cryptic and vague.

JV: Sounds about right. Well, you put together an impressive Lent this year, and I hope you enjoy this year’s grand prize: first pick of whichever room you want in Armington C and a supply of DC food so you don’t have to leave the taste of Westmont behind when you go home for the summer! 

Student: Thank you! 

JV: Have you started thinking about next year’s Lent?

Student: I have. I’m making a running list of things I could give up, including walking uphill, DC underripe fruit, and sleep. 

JV: Thank you for coming in, and good luck to you in the next Give Up Giveaway.


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