Staff Series: Trisha Beaudin

Syd Burnama, Staff Writer

Westmont’s assistant athletic director of operations, Trisha Beaudin, has been a long-term asset to the Athletic Department. 

Beaudin was born in Orange County, California and grew up in Hemet, California. When talking about her upbringing, she mentioned the importance of her family. “I grew up in a strong Christian family and my dad was my mentor. You didn’t have to ask him about his faith, he just showed it, through his actions and the way he lived.” Her faith grew through the mentorship of her dad and her passion for athletics. Beaudin found herself committed to Westmont for Women’s Soccer, and graduated in ‘82.

Beaudin first became interested in athletic directing due to her prior history in athletics and overall passion for sports. Her tasks within the athletic department consist of the following: tournament and post season travel, itinerary, uniforms, bills, laundry management, hiring and many more tasks. Beaudin works as a liaison to the athletic training room, which is an extremely important position for the whole of athletics and has been a crucial key to making this department thrive. 

When asked what lead her to pursue this position as assistant athletic director of operations in the first place, Beaudin said, “Ironically, I was living in Colorado and was accepted in a different nursing program over there, and a friend along with the athletic director at the time found me via email … and for fun I flew out to Westmont to meet about a position to work with the athletic director, and made the quick decision to take it.” Beaudin then expressed her gratitude and love for the people and program that came with the decision. 

Beaudin mentioned plans for the future of the athletic department as they transition into the NCAA, and shared a piece of advice, by saying “Listen to your Athletic Director! He is wise and a great leader … It’s going to be a lot, and we will be going through things that we aren’t used to as an athletic program, but I love that our coaches are really really good at number one, their individual sports but number two, and even more so, at how they treat their athletes, not only on the court but in life.”

As new transitions approach, it is a fun fact to know that Beaudin is not only the assistant athletic director of operations, but she is also a full-time student in the new Westmont Nursing program. With that being said, her long term plans are to pursue nursing and has shared, “The Athletic Department has been fantastic in allowing me to do both … I would do work on school breaks, at night and on the weekends, and for the most part was able to juggle them both, and athletics have been phenomenal about being really receptive to that.”

To say that Beaudin is a major part of the Westmont athletic program is an understatement. We are appreciative of her work and dedication towards the Athletic Department and wish her the very best in her pursuit towards the medical field.

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