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McMurray Fire extinguished with zero casualties and structural damage

Abbie Leffler, Staff Writer

September 18, 2019

On Monday, Sept. 9, a fire broke out at around 3:15 p.m. northeast of Buellton, about an hour away from Westmont. The blaze, which is rumored to have started near McMurray Road, has been dubbed the McMurray Fire. An abundance of...

Finding fellowship around the Common Table

Emily Parks, Guest Writer

September 11, 2019

“Sitting down for a meal together is one of the most fundamental ways to bridge division and build community. It is a basic starting point toward deeper understanding and relationship-building,” writes Common Table, an event h...

Diverse class of 2023 quickly growing roots in Westmont community

Abbie Leffler, Staff Writer

September 11, 2019

The lines at the DC just got a whole lot longer thanks to the new pack of Westmont Warriors! The class of 2023 is one of the largest and most diverse groups of Westmont students to ever climb this campus’s hills.    ...

Hurricane Dorian aftermath felt from Bahamas to Canada

Wesley Brown, Staff Writer

September 11, 2019

Devastating storm Hurricane Dorian continues to ravage the East Coast as the US provides aid to the Bahamas and domestic victims.   At the beginning of last week, Hurricane Dorian swept through the Bahamas with wind spe...

Santa Barbara still grieving after deadly Conception fire

Emily Peterson, News Editor

September 11, 2019

On Monday, September 2nd, a terrible fire broke out on the MV Conception, a dive boat anchored off the coast of Santa Cruz island for a Labor Day weekend diving excursion. The fire, which killed 33 passengers and one crew memb...

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